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Water damage is one of the biggest fears of homeowners everywhere because of the risk it poses to nearly everything in the home.

The good news is that there are ways to minimize the water damage to your wood floors.


If you have a major water disaster such as a flood, leak, or burst pipe, you should call a professional water damage mitigation team within 24 hours and your insurance carrier.


* If the water damage stems from a sewage backup, evacuate the area and do not attempt DIY water removal*
How to minimize damage:
1. Cut off the water source.
2. Remove any wet objects to dry out.
3. Remove as much standing water as possible. A wet vac will work best and laying down towels and rags will help too.
4. Remove water from everywhere. Including underneath cabinets and appliances.
5. Dry as much as you can. Setup as many fans as you can. Open your windows. The more moving air you create the faster the floors will dry.
At this point you have done everything you can.
Frisco Wood Floors can help you with repairing your wood floors.
*We are not a water restoration company*

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